Three Bats "As a symbol...I can be everlasting"

Preview of my upcoming look on my website. Photography by @toprahman

Before my sister and mom decided to destroy my Hair because it was “too perfect”

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2pm pregamimg for my uncles going away party!

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Yeah I am wearing white tonight and its really weird but I like it. #hellokitty #pentagram #kawaii #ootd

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Nails by the super talented Ana. Alien skull in the middle because aliens. #nailart #naildesign #roses #aliens

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Me making fun of Ana looking at pigs pretending to be racoons. #dontask #itsokaask @anuspie

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Annnnddd my hair is dark. Whoopsie. #snowwhite

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New look up on the website (link in bio)
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It’s national veterinary technician week. I just want to say thank you to every single person that has educated me in my path. I am lucky to be where I am today. We all work so hard and put so much of our hearts into what we do. Not enough people know how hard our jobs are. We do it all. I am thankful for the great technicians I have learned from. The world is lucky to have such great people who work every day with so much love in their hearts for animals.

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Rant about happiness

Its fucking complicated…. its just how my life is. It’s complicated, everything about it. I can spend all my time feeling like I deserve better,like things need to change. Or i can just be happy now. Right this second. Why is something simple, so hard. When the option to be happy…shouldnt be an option. We can be happy at any point in our lives. But we choose to make happiness an option rather than a constant feeling. No matter what happens in life remain happy. Life is constantly changing the chances everything goes as perfect as people pretend is really not because things are perfect. Its the acceptance of the fact things are not perfect and that just because things arent going as you plan, you keep your happiness. No matter what happens. You let go, you let things be because to you, happiness, your own happiness is more important to keep. Rather than letting every little thing take away your happiness you keep it. Rather than being mad your friend canceled on you on your only day off, you say hey I understand don’t worry. Because really your happiness can not be shaken or stirred by anything. Because that’s the one thing you should not let people take away from you. Because no matter what happens around you its the one thing no one should be able to touch.

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Another one because my sister is awesome

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80s birthday. I’m basically dressed like me in freshman year of high school. #80s #fuckyeah

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You know when you just get super unhappy with yourself. When you feel like everything you do is wrong and you’re even beginning to hate ever fiber that makes up who you are, well I think we all have been there. We judge ourselves and this negativity just grows and grows. Well just stop. Like this passage says happiness is already here we just have to relax and be gentle with ourselves to find it. Learn to love yourself, learn to be compassionate about the universe. Let it be, let it go. Stop struggling. Your happiness is your birth right.
“Start where you are” by pema chodron. Page: 82.

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