Three Bats "As a symbol...I can be everlasting"

Is this real life??! Is that color on my clothes?! O_o


When The Old Gods Return.

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6㏘ naps while I watch final fantasy VII.

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My fur baby’s paw. #gummies

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I’ve tried to explain this concept many times and a lot of people don’t necessarily understand it. In life bad stuff will happen. That’s something you can’t avoid. People will hurt you, you will lose things etc. Its a part of life. Living a happy life doesn’t mean those things don’t happen to you. It means you’ve learned that when those things happen instead of suffering, you remain happy, because those things will pass. Because you can’t avoid the pain that life brings but you can learn how to not suffer and instead be happy. Wasting time being sad is precious time that will never come back to you.

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I’ll come back for you Alphonse!!

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

-Edgar Allan Poe

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One of my favorite albums. There is so much thought into everything in this album. Favorite song is definitely famine. Heritage is opeths newest album and if you havent given it a listen I really recommend it. I won’t even say anything further than just fucking listen to it.

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Pure hate

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I hate every fiber of this new haircut. I specifically asked for the bangs to not be cut blah blah… I’m an ugly school boy now :*(

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By the latest being the beginning of next year. I will be moving to San Francisco for good and what might be forever. I will pursue a fashion career and a new way of life. I will visit on school holidays and such. On my last months please contact me through here or text. Namaste 0^◇^0)/

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